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From the first day of its foundation the chemistry studies there carried out in such scientific fields as chemistry of luminophors and dyes (Prof. Boris Krasovitskiy), design of liquid-crystal composites, raw material synthesis and purification techniques for crystal growth, analytical chemistry and structure studies of functional materials (Prof. Avram Blank).

In the field of the design of new organic luminophors and dyes Prof. Boris Krasovitskiy started at SSI ISC the synthesis and research of perspective organic luminescent compounds. Prof. Krasovitskiy monograph “Organic luminophors” published in 1972 has received several editions and became all-known the world. Later the scientific interests also involved the search for new functional materials including laser dyes, markers and probes for biomedical studies.

Liquid-crystals (LC) was one the main topics at the SSI ISC, supervised by Prof. Lidiya Kutulya. In the 70’s there was developed a number of LC-thermoindicators for industry and domestic use. In the 90’s the search was focused on bioequivalent detectors of irradiation and converters of light and solar energy.

Analytical chemistry in SSI “Institute for Single Crystals” was conducted with the development of analytical techniques for determination of trace amounts of impurities in raw materials for growing single crystals and environmental objects.